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使用 sequel pro 連遠端 mysql

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之前一直使用 phpmyadmin 作偶爾需要的資料庫修正,不過多裝個 PHP 在 Rails 網站有些雞肋,而且設定 https 也要多花心神,所以就開始研究使用 Mac 上的 sequel pro 連結到資料庫直接進行操作。

我使用 chef 的 mysql cookbook ,其預設使用伺服器的 ip 位置作為 bind_address,但是我似乎無法作連結,所以我設成 localhost:

  mysql: {
    bind_address: 'localhost'

使用 sequel pro 時,當我在連線頁面時選擇 ssh 選項會有個 bug ,就是我無法選擇 ssh user,輸入框被蓋掉了。所以你按了 ssh 之後,先填個名字,再按 Add to Favorites,下面的輸入框才會冒出來。

MySQL Host:
SSH Host: 你 server 的地址
SSH User: 你的 ssh user id

Yahoo Mail Spam Button Broken

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Yahoo Mail redesigned its web interface on October 8, 2013. The new interface relies heavily on AJAX techniques, which improved its response time a lot. However the new interface also has several bugs, and Yahoo seems to remain oblivious from them. Here I describe the spam button bug, and how ineffective the customer support system is.

Not-Spam buttom marks something as spam

If you view a mail inside the spam folder, try hovering the cursor over the "not spam" button, you will see the tooltip message "Move selected conversation to Spam folder".

Note that this only happens in mail view page, not in the spam folder listing page.

Once you clicked on the "Not Spam" button, we get transferred back to the spam listing page. After a few seconds, a blue popup will appear at the buttom of the page, saying "Your message has been placed in the Spam folder and sent to Yahoo! for further investigation".

And refreshing the listing page, you see that unspammed email is still there.

Once again, this only happens in the mail view page, not the listing page.

Why do I care?

I am a web app programmer. I see that 90% of the spam reports come from Yahoo Mail, and most of the reports are from new user registration confirmation emails. I asked some users, and they said that they merely clicked "not spam" button in the registration email.

The faux spam reports is troublesome for us, because we use Sendgrid emailing service. It has a reputation score. If a spam report is received by them, our reputation drops. When the reputation drop too much, we will be blocked by Sendgrid from sending emails.

The 'Not Spam' bug is bad, because once a user clicks it, Yahoo believes deeper that we are spammers, and our emails will more likely land in their spam folder, which results in more users clicking on the 'no spam' button. It is a snowball effect.

Unusable customer support

I tried to report this issue, but I couldn't find a way to contact to a real person from Yahoo. I found this bug report at Yahoo Feedback. It was reported on October 14th 2013. However the admin closed the issue because:

Because this forum is intended to gather feedback/suggestions for Yahoo! Mail, if you continue experiencing this problem, please contact Customer Care by going to:
Thank you for using Yahoo! Mail!

I went to that suggested link, which is a Yahoo Help page regarding Yahoo Account issues. I was given two choices: by email or by community.

I choose the email, filled up my questions.

I later received an automatic feedback email, however its title seems to suggest the category used is incorrect:

Title: Hacked accounts : spam is being sent from my account [Incident:140108-069640]
Thanks for contacting Yahoo Customer Care.
Your Incident ID is: 140108-069640
If you're reporting abuse, thanks for improving our community (it means a lot to us). We'll dig in to your report and take care of this. We may contact you if we need more information to complete our investigation.
If you aren't reporting abuse but are trying to ask a question or get help, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Later a second email came:

The first step to resolving issues with your internet browser is to make sure you are using the current version. You can download and install the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer at the following links:
If updating to the latest browser version does not resolve your issue, try clearing the cache and cookies in your browser. If you do not know how to do this, please visit the Clear Cache and Cookies Wizard.

This is not related to my bug report at all. Also I missed 72 hours deadline to reply back because I was busy, so the issue was closed.

The second option is to ask for help from the "Community". However no one seems to be using it, as the last post was posted in 2012.

In the email interface, there is a Help link in the config menu. It direct us to the FAQ page. I clicked "Contact Customer Care". There I choose "Errors" -> "My issue does not appear in the list", and I am given the outdated "Community" link again, this time redirected to Yahoo Answers. I don't think bug reports goes there.


Hopefully someone in Yahoo can see this, and fix this problem. We see that the web interface is broken. We also see that the dev/testing team is broken too, not able to discover/fix the bug for more than 3 months. Lastly Yahoo really need to improve its customer support system.

Update 2014/2/12

I resend an email to Yahoo Customer Care, and after a few replies, the Taiwanese branch managed to understand the bug. They told me on 2014/01/23 that they have reported this to the team, and I am still waiting for their reply.

Update 2014/2/24

This morning I checked and found out that the bug has been fixed. The "Not Spam" button is no longer acting as the "Spam" button. Thanks.

事後 eager load associations

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Eager loading 是 Rails 解決 N+1 問題的方法,用 includes 方法就能在讀取資料庫資料時順便把 association 也讀進來。

不過 includes 是得在讀取之前就先下的指令,而我卻有時候卻只有一堆已經讀進來的 Active Record 物件,想要只用一次 sql query 把每個物件自己的 association 都讀進來,是該怎樣作呢?其實對一個陣列的 ActiveRecord 我們可以這樣作:

posts = [a, b, c] # some AR Post objects, :comments).run()

Capistrano deploy 時手動跳過 asset precompile

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Rails deploy 時的 asset precompile 十分耗時,所以已經有許多方法來縮短這個時間。不過因為我有時候需要能夠強制跳過的功能,所以就寫了以下的方法:

#deploy.rb 中插入

callback = callbacks[:after].find{|c| c.source == "deploy:assets:precompile" }
after 'deploy:update_code', 'deploy:assets:precompile' unless fetch(:skip_assets, false)

需要強制跳過時,下cap deploy -S skip_assets=true 即可。


turbo-sporocket-rails 雖然縮短了時間,但是還是有個底限。在沒有改變的時候,編譯還是得花個1分鐘。

使用 時改了 route.rb 就會重編譯。手動指定要編譯的東西時得自己把 application.rb 加入判斷,然後 application.rb 改了也是會重編譯。

Rails Config 私人偏方

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在一個 Rails 專案,常需要使用一些設定值。最常見的就是各種 API 使用的 key。通常我們會把這些設定獨立起來放在一個 yaml 檔案裡面,避免紀錄在 git 的版本管理系統裡面。個人使用了 Settingslogic ,覺得十分合用,不過在一些細節上我想要推廣一些撇步:

讓設定檔成為能獨立運作的 class

Rails 的啟動是十分花時間的,在 Ruby 1.9 下面通常要等個幾十秒。有時候有些可以獨立運作的套件為了使用一個 Rails 下面的設定值,就得花時間啟動整個 Rails 才能取得設定。要避免這種情形,Settingslogic 我是這樣寫的:

# config/app_config.rb 檔案
require 'settingslogic'
class AppConfig < Settingslogic
  source File.dirname(__FILE__) << "/app_config.yml"

首先是手動 require Settingslogic,然後其 yaml 檔案則是使用相對路徑作參照(與 app_config.rb 同一個目錄)。這樣子在其他環境就能簡單 require "./path/to/app_config" 讀取設定了。

我是把我的 app_config 放在 config 資料夾下面,然後在 config/initializers/ 下開個 app_config.rb 檔案 require 我的 app_config

我的 config/app_config.yml 長這樣:

  user_name: 'foobar'
  password: '2000'
  access_token: dghgkalt4k5439fkgio43pb2

當然這個檔案不會放進版本控制。會放進版本控制的是 config/app_config.yml.example 檔案,裡面只有放 key 沒有值,讓大家知道需要設定什麼。我也沒有用 namespace 之類的東西,反正一個地方就一個設定,依照 exmaple 照樣畫葫蘆即可。


一個網站的網域資訊是很多設定不可或缺的一部分。比如說我使用 capistrano_nginx 就常常需要像是 的設定。網域設定又會因為環境的不同而改變。 production 跟 staging 各會有不同的設定。所以我覺得把網域寫在 config 中是最恰當的。

# app_config.rb 中
  # returns domain string
  # pass in false for segment key to hide that segment, e.g. `protocol:false`
  def self.domain(params = {})
    params = {protocol:'http'}.merge(params)
    params = self.get('domain_setting').to_hash.merge(params)

    url = ''
    url << params[:protocol].clone << '://' if params[:protocol]
    url << params[:subdomain].clone << '.' if params[:subdomain]
    url << params[:domain]
    url << ':' << params[:port].to_s if params[:port]
# app_config.yml 中
# 注意我的 key 是 symbol 喔
  :domain: ''
  :port: 3000


# irb 中
AppConfig.domain #=> ""
AppConfig.domain(protocol:false) #=> ""
AppConfig.domain(protocol:false, subdomain:'admin') #=> ""

這裡使用的參數跟 url_for 類似。

我在 production.rb 跟 staging.rb 當然也就這樣改了:

config.asset_host = AppConfig.domain(subdomain:'assets')
config.action_mailer.default_url_options = { :host => AppConfig.domain(protocol:false) }

像是 staging/development 這種地方,把可能變動的網域給寫死在 rb 檔然後存進去 git 中本來就怪怪的,所以我都用設定檔來作設定。另一個好處是,想要修改網域就只要修改一個地方,徹底貫徹DRY懶人精神!

最後,記得也要準備一份只有 key 沒有 value 的 app_config.yml.example ,放入版本管理中,給以後的人作參考喔。